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July 21, 2023
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Monarx and Groundbreaker Forge Partnership to Nurture IT Talent in the Global South

Groundbreaker's Mentorship Program to Leverage Monarx's Cyber Security Expertise

Monarx, the #1 provider of security solutions for Linux web hosting, and Groundbreaker, a non-profit organization committed to empowering local initiatives and fostering IT talent in the Global South, have joined forces. This strategic alliance is set to bolster Groundbreaker's new mentorship program, which complements the full-time residential IT scholarship initiative Groundbreaker Talents.


With Groundbreaker Talents, the organization aims to empower women through code and bridge the digital skill gap. During one whole year, the women improve their skills in software engineering through very practical training that is designed based on the actual needs of the tech industry. The scholarship program serves as a talent pipeline, guiding women from disadvantaged backgrounds to critical entry points into the industry. 

Monarx's proficiency in cybersecurity and its dedication to resource-efficient technology will equip the students with a holistic understanding of the security landscape. The partnership will ensure that the students acquire not only IT skills but also an understanding of cybersecurity, a domain of growing importance in our digital era. 

Groundbreaker's mentorship program aims to provide students with additional support and expose them to the expertise and experience of professionals who can further build their confidence and abilities. With Monarx's contribution, the program is poised to scale new heights and equip students with complementary skills that will help them to make their mark in the national and international IT market. 

"In this always changing digital age, it's not just about building walls to keep threats out, but also about empowering individuals with the knowledge to navigate the cyber world safely. Our partnership with Groundbreaker is a testament to this belief," said Rob Seger, the CTO of Monarx. "We're not just investing in technology; we're investing in people, in their dreams, and in a future where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the digital landscape." 

Groundbreaker reciprocated this sentiment. "This alliance with Monarx will noticeably enhance our mentorship program. Their expertise in cybersecurity will provide our students with a comprehensive IT education, preparing them for diverse roles in the tech industry." 

Monarx encourages other companies to join them in their mission to provide Ugandan women with quality education to succeed in the digital age by enabling access to a dignifying living wage and sustainable employment. Together, substantial progress can be made in addressing the global digital divide and the lack of representation of black women in the technology sector! 

Companies interested in contributing to this initiative are encouraged to connect with Groundbreaker to explore partnership opportunities. The next batch of talents starts in early 2024 with Groundbreaker seeking sponsors and mentors. 

About Monarx 
Monarx’s revolutionary technology is consistently proven to detect & prevent more malicious activity than other tools – proactively, automatically and safely. Hosting providers around the world save more time & money with Monarx and drive extra revenue by reselling active protection to their customers. 

About Groundbreaker Talents  
Groundbreaker Talents is a full-time residential scholarship program in Software Engineering tailored to provide young Ugandan women from underprivileged communities with the opportunity to exploit their full potential and access a brighter future in the digital era. For more information, visit