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March 12, 2024
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Introducing Monarx's Latest Security Feature: Automatic True Patching

Monarx, a leader in proactive threat defense, has just unveiled a security feature that helps hosting providers solve the vexing problem of websites with critical vulnerabilities: Automatic True Patching. This feature adds a new layer of security with its ability to safely deliver true, seamless software patching of files without the intervention of website owners or the risk of broken websites.
Automatic True Patching

Feature, Bundle, or Upgrade

Automatic True Patching can be promoted as a feature, bundled with higher plans, or offered as an add-on upgrade. Built on the same platform as Monarx Core, Automatic True Patching can be enabled or disabled on a per-server or per-user level by leveraging the Monarx API or pre-built integrations such as WHMCS.

“This is a powerful new tool in web security, with the ability to surgically fix security holes without the need to wait for plugin authors to make updates available, to wait for website owners to install them, or the risk that they break other website functionality,” said Monarx CEO Jeremy Warren.

A Strategic Asset for Hosting Providers

Key to Monarx's industry leadership, Automatic True Patching equips hosting providers with an invaluable method for patching popular applications, extending its functionality to any open-source app with uncompromising adaptability.

"Automatic True Patching, patching the vulnerable files on disk, is part of our broader philosophy about cyber security," said Monarx CTO Rob Seger. We want to undermine the attacker at the point in the security stack where they are weakest. In the case of vulnerable files, that's on the disk and the root of the problem.”